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What Is an Ethernet Cable: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to connecting your internet modem to your WiFi router or directly to your computer, using an ethernet cable remains the standard. But, you may not know how this cable works or when is best to use it. To help you with this matter, we’ll answer what is an Ethernet cable and other important information about it.

what is an Ethernet cableWhat Is an Ethernet Cable?

To understand what an Ethernet cable is, you need to have an idea about the Ethernet technology.

Ethernet is a mode of connecting computers and other network devices in a physical space, popularly known as LAN (local area network). With its help, connected devices can efficiently share data, information, and files with each other.

Ethernet cables are network cables that work with Ethernet ports. You can easily find these ports on computers, routers, TVs, and many other network-enabled devices.

By 1982, IEEE standardized its format and created a written guideline for it. Hence all Ethernet cable manufacturers have to abide by strict standards to ensure safety and quality.

While Ethernet cables offer reliable connectivity and faster internet, you should wire only the devices that don’t move.

How Do Ethernet Cables Look Like?

Ethernet cables largely resemble landline phone cables but contain double the number of wires compared to a phone cable. The Ethernet connector looks slightly bigger than that of a phone cable.

At both ends of the cable, there is a small modular plug. These plugs or connectors have a small lever to secure and unclip the cable. If the port has LED lights, the Ethernet jack will light up only when connected successfully.

You might come across Ethernet cables of different colors in the market. You can opt for any of these as they are all similar in terms of quality.

Uses of Ethernet Cables

The main function of an Ethernet cable is to provide an internet connection to the users and connect various devices to a local network. Once you plug these cables into devices, they are good to establish a secure connection.

Therefore, people use an Ethernet cable to connect a WiFi router or modem to the telephone line or internet entry port. You can also use it on devices like TVs, computers, and other devices that need an internet connection or a network to function.

Reasons to Use an Ethernet Cable Over WiFi

Undoubtedly, WiFi has become popular in recent years. But, WiFi signals can only cater to a limited number of devices. With too many devices, you’ll experience weak or unstable service.

You can resolve this issue by using Ethernet cables to hardwire your devices to the router. It’ll surely improve the internet speed, especially during file downloads, streaming, and gaming.

Another reason to use an Ethernet cable over WiFi is security. Data exchanged through WiFi can be accessed and intercepted by anyone in the range. On the other hand, data transferred over Ethernet can be accessed only on the local network.

Wrapping Up

Ethernet cables are highly useful and available in various types. Now that you know what is an Ethernet cable and how it works, you can use it whenever necessary.

You might also want to know ways to disable an Ethernet connection.

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