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How Not To Get Duped When Buying HDMI Cable

HDMI Gold Cable

Pro Tip: Never buy a cable wrapped in Gold.

Weblog MintLife has an awesome infographic proving why getting an expensive gold plated HDMI cable is unnecessary. To put it in a nutshell, the quality of $10 and $250 HDMI cable are same. So why are companies like Mint selling expensive HDMI cables? To dupe people and earn higher profit margins on each sale.

Having ignored reports by both Gizmodo and Consumerist, I went ahead to get a $40 HDMI cable (see screenshot above) from some Taiwanese manufacturer a few months back. The result: no improvement in quality compared with four other HDMI cables(that cost $10) back at home. In short, I got duped.

We have embedded the full infographics below.

[via Lifehacker]


  1. Ok, I have had enough with this line of bs. It seems that salespeople are all evil money loving liars that want nothing more than to “dupe” you and take your money. Today’s market does not allow such behavior. People who are not informed will never know. Let’s be realistic. This article paints Monster as an evil company, standing alone against all the good companies. Monster does make fantastic cables. They make some of the best RCA cables for DJ hookups. The Beats by Dre pros and the Audiophile Miles Davis earbuds are extemely well made. They do lie. Last year the 1000HD HDMI cable was rated at 10Gb/s. Now it’s rated at 15Gb/s. The 700HD was rated at 7.68GB/s, now it’s 13.68GB/s. The 500HD was rated at 5 Gb/s, now it’s rated at 10Gb/s. So they lie, and change the information without letting anyone know. So Monster is a lying company. They still make great cables other than HDMI. Monster Cables for consumers are too expensive. What about when a consumer buys a $50,000 HDTV? The author makes no distinction between high end and consumer end. Just to put things into perspective, consumer end HDTV’s are not good enough to see the differnce in an HDMI cable. So the author is right, but it’s not an when you leave out facts so you can appear to be right, that’s not journalsim, that is whining..

    All that aside, let’s look at the core picture. We are in a recession. Everyone is hurting for money. We all want to keep as much as we can, becuase we are consumers. We consume, and we need cash for that which we consume. Retailers are not cosumers. Retailers sole function is to make as much money as possible. Shareholders demand profits. The author would like a $3 HDMI cable to be sold with a PS3. So the company would make about $20 on a sale. If every retailer did this, they would all go out of business, and this recession would be another depression. Many times TV’s are sold BELOW what the retailer paid, because they can sell accessories to make more of a profit. So, if they do this, but no one buys the accessories, they lose money.

    In conclusion, I ask you this question. If companies cannot make a profit on cabes, mounts, etc., what do you think will happen? That nice new Sony or Samsung that is $3,000, but on sale for $1,800 won’t be on sale. All products that are considered “end” (all products you cannot add anything to) will see a severe price increase. If not, the company will go out of business. Selling higher priced accessories is the ONLY reason retailers are can sell TV’s at the prices they do. The author makes reference to Best Buy, and they’re need to sell nine PS3’s to make as much money. Should Best Buy not do this? Should they only get $20 for all the work they did to put it on the shelf? The purchase order from Sony, the truchkto deliver the PS3, storing at a warehouse, truck driving to the store, reiceving the order at the store, all store costs of lighting, security, rent, taxes, earnings for employees. Let’s not forget marketing, advertising, and training for emloyees. The latter is how you the consumer came into the store.. So Best Buy does all this, and it get’s $20? You can see how this line of reasoning is absurd. If you want cheap end products, then stop whining about how business is set up. Shop online for everything. That way you are not acting like a douche to the companies that are trying to so what they do. They keep the economy going. If all salespeople acted in a way the author would like, he would probably wirite another arictle whining about why businesses messed up.

    Does that make sense? Do you understand why companies want to charge so much? If they didn’t we would all pay more.

  2. It’s not best idea to always get the cheapest HDMI you can find, especially if it’s over 5m long. I had crazy problems with a 5m one from a computer store. Got one from http://www.myhdmi.com.au and it works great. Chucken the old one in the bin, it’s useless.

    On the flipside, i’ve got a cheapcheap $3 one that’s 1m long, and it works great. Guess it just depends on the length.

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