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How To Download VLC Player For iPhone/iPod Touch Without Donating

VLC4iPhone is an application for both iPhone and iPod Touch that works on all firmwares 2.x and 3.x. Please note that it is not an official app, rather it has been developed by Zodttd who ported all VLC functionality into a simple app. The latest version(as of today) is 2.1.0 and contains a complete redesign along with better video playback functionality. For a complete review, please check out this post.

Update: The official VLC Media Player is now available in iTunes. Read more about it here.

All previous versions were free, but the developer likes to categorize the latest version as ‘Donate and Download’. It doesn’t mean that you cannot download it for free, you can, but donating a small amount is always a healthy practice since it helps in further development of the app. But what about those people who cannot donate or those people who don’t have a PayPal account?

Note: It is only available from Cydia Store which means that you must have Jail broken iPhone before downloading VLC4iPhone. It doesn’t matter which firmware you are using, since it supports all of them.

To download it for free without donating, first launch Cydia Store, hit Search, type VLC, and select vlc4iphone from the list.

vlc cydia

Now don’t rush and hit Install. Wait for the page to load, scroll down, click the amount 2.50 as shown in the screenshot below.


From here you will find various money options for donations, keep scrolling and you will find FREE at the end.

free vlc iphone

Select FREE and then click Done. Once you are back to the main page click ‘Donate and Download’ button.

download vlc iphone

It will load a small white page whose content can be hardly read. Actually it is written Success, which means that not you can head back to the main page and click Install.

install vlc iphone

It is almost 13.3 MB big file, so make sure you are connected to some Wifi, otherwise be ready to pay hefty amount of bucks to your cellular provider. 😉

Selecting Free option is quite tricky since it is hidden at the button of donate money options. But if you can’t donate, then downloading it for free makes sense. We strongly recommend that you support the development of this awesome app by donating and commenting.

VLC4iPhone Official Website



  1. Don't use Cydia, use ROCK. When at the screen to download and the dial is turning at the top right, just touch it anyway and it will be like clicking FREE, worked for me

  2. they took off the FREE option so that you dont have to donate, anyone know of a way to get it for free? is there a way to download it to my PC then use iphonebrowser to transfer it to my iphone? thanks

    • Actually it is free, instead of clicking donate and download, simply click Install and it will be installed for free. Donation is now optional!

  3. thts very good o your part letting people know how to instal vlc on iphone, but the problem is to import videos on it…..

    plz dude lemme knoe how to import videos on iphone for vlc lke .avi,,,, xvid and other formats…

    am using iphone 3g

    • try a program called IPHONEBROWSER, you can transfer video files, roms, etc just by dragging and dropping them to the correct iphone folder. enjoy

    • well, I dowloaded diskaid and it enables iphone disk mode wich apple forgot to put in iphone saying cellphone users dont need it, just download DiskAid and then use the TRansferToDevice button can`t be easier than that,, Good luck!

  4. I got it free as i didnt even see an option to pay at the time but it doesnt go to full screen, so the
    questuin is does it if you pay???

  5. Free option is no longer visible now, as you have mentioned, as of Sep 19 2009
    Do you know any other ways to select this free option?

    Only options are:


  6. Thanks a lot dude, i was little depresed when i saw donate and download as i do not have any paypal account.. but your post really helped.. i will definetly donate once is receive the new paypall account.

    Thanks for the post again dude.

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