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How To Power-On Mobile Phone With A Damaged Power Button

Broken Power Button

Ever ended up breaking your cell phone’s power button and found yourself unable to turn its screen on when it times out, or power the device on once it runs out of battery? It can be a frustrating situation, especially if you don’t have a backup device and need to be able to use your phone till you can send it for repairs. Fortunately, you aren’t entirely out of luck, as there is a simple solution to this problem that can work on many phones and save the day for you. Read on for further details.

When recently attempting to repair my HTC Touch HD’s malfunctioning power button, I accidentally ended up breaking it. I was outdoors and couldn’t afford the phone’s screen to turn off since that would leave me unable to turn it back on, so I changed its settings to keep the screen from turning off automatically. This however, presented another problem – the battery was draining quickly and once it ran out completely, there didn’t seem to be any way for me to power the device on even after charging it, once I got back home. By trial and error, I came across an easy solution.

While the phone was charging using a standard wall socket charger, I tried pulling the battery out and inserting it back in. It did not work. Then I connected the phone to my computer using a mini USB cable, pulled the phone’s battery out and inserted it back in and viola! The phone powered on, and I could use it. I tried the same on a friend’s HTC HD2 and it worked the same way. Achievement unlocked: Eureka moment!

Although this might not work on all phones and was tested by me only on the above mentioned devices, it could prove to be a handy trick to try out when such a situation arises. It does require a PC and a USB connector cable for your cellphone. Let’s hope it helps others get those few critical hours of use from their phones before they can have a chance to send them in for the repairs.

Tried out this method with your phone? Did it turn out to work fine, or did bad luck refuse to give up? Don’t forget to share your experience with us and our readers in the comments below, with your device make and model, and whether the method worked for you or not.

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