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How To Take Screenshots On Samsung Galaxy Tab

As the story of Samsung Galaxy Tab evolves, folks over at Android Community have successfully found a method through which you can take screenshots of your tab. The best thing about this tiny but extremely userful tip is that you don’t need to have your tab rooted. Read on for detailed instructions.

Screenshots come in really handy whether you are a bonafied Android hacker or developer or just a casual user. You may want to report an error to an app’s developer through a screenshot, or capture the image of a text conversation to share with your friends, or just take a screen shot of your home screen to show off all the customizations you have been doing. On most Android devices, the ability to take a screen shot doesn’t come built-in and you have to use apps for the purpose, which requires your device to be rooted. There is the ADB method available for non-rooted users but it may be a bit complicated for the casual users, and involved connecting your device to your computer for the purpose. Luckily, this method has no such limitations.

In order to take a screenshot of your Galaxy Tab, all you need to do is press and hold the back button while pressing the power button. If you do that successfully, you will here a shutter click followed by a ‘Screen Captured. Saved As Image File’ notification.

In order to access your Samsung Galaxy Tab screenshots, connect your tap to the computer, mount SD card and go to ScreenCapture folder. You will find all the screenshots of your tab stored here. You can even access this folder right from your tablet, using a file browser such as ES File Explorer, Astro File Manager, OI File Explorer etc.

So there you go, you can now take all the screenshots of your tablet that you want, and you didn’t even have to install anything for it, thanks to Samsung for providing this option into their version of Android that the device comes with.

Via AndroidCommunity


  1. This method of taking screen shot doesn’t work on my Tab GT-P3100 with Jelly Bean I recently updated……do you hv any alternates. ?

  2. Does anyone know of another way to take screenshots. All of the screenshots I want to take are when I am within an app and that just takes you backwards through the app without getting a screen shot of what you wanted. I really miss this function which I used on a daily basis on my ipod touch.

  3. This appears to malfunction while in an app however. Pressing and holding on back exits the application and will not allow you to capture the screen. I can, however, capture the home screens as the back button has no ability to exit there.

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