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Jailbreak PS3 With iPod Touch [Video]

Ever since the first jailbreak for the immensely popular Sony PlayStation 3 surfaced, the PS3 jailbreak mantra has been going viral as people have managed to jailbreak their consoles with Android handsets as well as even electronic calculators! If you were thinking that was it, think again! In the latest development in the PS3 jailbreaking scene, another (not-so-amateur-friendly) jailbreak method has surfaced that allows you to jailbreak your PS3 with a first generation iPod Touch! This is great news for iPod users craving to hack their consoles with their outdated PMP but this method, for now, is centric towards enthusiast users possessing sound knowledge of VMware, virtualization and the like. For detailed information, read on.

Jailbreaking basically allows you to unlock certain features of your device that let you install and run homebrew apps or hacks on it that the device was locked down by the manufacturer to prevent running. This expands a lot of possibilities for hackers, developers and enthusiasts, as it allows them to harness their device to the maximum potential.

That said, let’s move on to the details. Following are the prerequisites for jailbreaking your PS3 with iPod Touch:

  • Ubuntu 10.04
  • VMware Player
  • Open iBoot
  • Ps3 Freedom For iPod Touch
  • WinSCP
  • iFunBox
  • OpenSSH installed on your iPod Touch

Once you have all the stuff mentioned above, you can navigate to this link in order to get started on jailbreaking your PS3 with iPod Touch. We really don’t know if this method works for other iOS device such as iPhone or 2nd/3rd Generation iPod Touch, but it is worth trying as this jailbreak is purely firmware-centric. Note that the jailbreak method applies only to the regular (large) PS3 consoles, and will not work onthe slim variant of the PS3.

What’s even better than having written instructions for performing something like this? A full video guide! That’s right, there is a comprehensive video guide available that walks you through a demonstration of the entire process of jailbreaking your PS3 with your iPod Touch, and it’s right here:

Word of the wise is to decline any Firmware updates that Sony offers you to keep your jailbreak intact, as it is extremely likely that Sony will release one to patch the exploits used to jailbreak the device using this method.

Did you try jailbreaking your PS3? Which method did you use? Did it work flawlessly for you? How is your experience coming along with your jailbroken PS3? Don’t forget to share all of this with us and our readers in the comments below!

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