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Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Hacked Running With Windows 7 PC [Video]

All you fans of Microsoft Kinect and other similar motion-controlled gaming and computing fans out there, we’ve got some amazing news for you! Microsoft Kinect has been hacked successfully and as you can imagine, this has opened up room for a LOT of custom applications of the excellent motion gesture control device. The device can now be connected to a Windows computer and can report its accelerometer data to the computer directly, for further manipulation at the computer end. For more details, continue reading.

Following a lucrative bounty of $2000 set by Adafruit for open source Kinect drivers, the Kinect now stands hacked! The developer and hacker responsible for cracking Playstation Eye back in 2008 is credited with this enormous achievement. In a video released by the hacker, the Microsoft Kinect console is responding with it’s motion sense depth camera along the movements of the developer with real time accelerometer data being displayed on the monitor.

All the evidence depicted in the video shows Kinect getting hacked to work on Microsoft Windows 7 OS. Although this is a wonderful achievement by the developer, but as Engadget reports, the hacker has no intention to release the exploit for public usage. This further leads to the fact that $2000 bounty wasn’t the sole motivator for this hack.

Here is the video of Kinect’s subordination to hacker’s commands with real time accelerometer data being displayed in the background:

The depiction in the above video is only a tiny bit of the massive possibility that is yet to be unleashed. Sources confirm that the developer has already achieved the streaming video from both Kinect cameras onto the computer. There will be another video soon showing more capabilities of the exploit that made all this to work.

While currently it may not mean much to the end users, the meaning of this development is huge. We can shortly see this capability getting utilized to bring Kinect’s motion control to a range of applications, right from PC games – the first apparent use – to many other applications of all sorts that can be controlled with motion gestures. It can potentially give a whole new dimension to how we use and interact with our computers. It can be used in scientific studies, emulating motion of people and objects inside computers from gestures by people themselves, or in drawing/graphics/CAD/CAM apps where you can simply move your hands at a distance from the computer, to draw or build designs and models right inside your computer’s software. Only time will tell, and we will continue to bring you the developments in this regard right here at AddictiveTips, so keep checking back.

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