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Nikon D3100 DSLR Specs And Price

All you DSLR lovers out there, we’ve got some great news for you!  The specs of Nikon’s latest DSLR i.e. the D3100 have been made public. The best thing about this new camera from Nikon seems to be the improved in-camera menu as well as enhanced AF control. For more information and the spec sheet, read on after the break.

Nokia 3100

DSLR cameras have gained a lot of popularity lately and it’s only been increasing, with wider availability and more affordable prices. Being one of the leading camera manufacturers in the world, Nikon has also been releasing DSLR models of their own and the latest in the series is the D3100, which seems to be quite promising.

Here are the specs of the Nikon D3100:

  • ViewNX2 OS
  • EXPEED2 Processor
  • 14 MP CMOS Sensor
  • Live View
  • 3 Inch Camera Dicplay Screen
  • Manual/Automatic ISO Setting
  • Full HD Video Capture Capability
  • Enhance AF Control
  • 11 AF Points
  • Packaged With 18-55mm VR Lens
  • Improved Picture Control Settings
As you can see, with full HD video capturing capability and enhanced AF control, along with all the other specs, the D3100 is built to impress, but that’s not all. Regardless of how good a DSLR camera is, it will not intrigue any serious photographer much unless there are some good lenses available for it. Let’s take a look at what Nikon has in store for us when it comes to lenses for the D3100.


The four new lenses for this device are:

Nikkor AF-S DX 55-300/4,5-5,6 G ED VR (ca. 420 €)
Nikkor AF-S 85/1,4 G with Nano coating (ca. 1650 €) – the new lens contains 10 lens elements in 9 groups (the old version has 9 elements in 8 groups)
Nikkor AF-S 24-120/4 G ED VR with Nano coating (ca. 1220 €)
Nikkor AF-S 28-300/3,5-5,6 G ED VR (ca. 1000 €) – UPDATE: it will contain 19 lens elements in 14 groups

As you can see, the specs and the lense availability are simply delicious for anyone who would like to capture the most important moments in their life precisely and with high definition, so the D3100 is definitely the camera to go for, for both enthusiasts and professional photographers alike. The price of this camera is around USD 800 to USD 900.

Are you into digital photography? Do you use a DSLR camera, or a point-and-shoot one? What do you think about the Nikon D3100? Would you consider buying it? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments.

[Picture Credits: NikonRumors, FotoDigital]

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