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Nokia Firmware Updater

We hear about updating iPhone firmware a lot around the blogosphere but what about Nokia? Nokia is working hard towards creating a next generation multimedia phones and they keep updating the firmware every now and then.

Nokia logo Most users using Nokia handset have never updated their firmware, but this is not a good practice. New firmware brings better security and even more functionality to your phones.

Nokia has released their own firmware updater called Nokia Software Updater. You need to install it, connect your phone via USB, backup all files, update the software, and then finally restore the files.

Note: Backing up files is very important. When updating software, all files are deleted. After making the backup, you can always restore the files later. The funtionality for backup and restore is build-into this app.

One downside of this app is that it doesn’t work with Windows 7. At the moment it is only compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista. This is also the reason why I am not able to post any screenshot(since I am using Windows 7).

Download Nokia Software Updater


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