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TV YouTube Com Start Code: How To Link Device to TV

If you’re ready to watch YouTube on something more sizable than a phone or a tablet — read on! It’s easier than you might think to view YouTube content on your TV. The vast majority of today’s smart TVs come complete with the YouTube app, and it’s simple to control this with your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. If you’ve recently started using YouTube TV, you can use these steps to watch the original or new streaming service on your television. Here’s how to use TV YouTube com start code and link your device to your TV.

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a relatively new service that gives users the opportunity to access a range of premium TV channels without a costly cable subscription. Users can add and remove packages as and when they need or no longer need them.

A simple process

To watch YouTube on your TV and control it with another device, you will need a code. To get your code, open up your YouTube apps on your TV. You can then head to settings before scrolling down to Link with TV code. You’ll then see a blue TV code on your TV screen. This code will feature a sequence of numbers, though it may include letters. If you see a string of letters, you can repeat the steps outlined above to access a numeric code. Once you have your phone or tablet on hand, open your YouTube app, select your profile picture, and click on Settings. You then need to tap Watch on TV and Enter TV code. Add the code to complete the connection process. 

A smoother experience

Once you’ve linked your device to YouTube, you shouldn’t need to type in this code again unless you disconnect your TV from your phone or tablet. You’ll be able to click thumbnails on your device and see them play out on your big screen, line up videos from your phone, create playlists, and more. You may even be able to use voice search to make the whole process even simpler. This means you don’t need to type anything. You can also change the order of your playlists with your phone or tablet. Using your phone or tablet is much quicker than typing in search terms with your TV remote.

A replacement for traditional TV?

Many people link YouTube on their TVs and quickly forget they’re not viewing traditional TV. YouTube hosts many long-form HD videos with excellent production values, so you can easily spend hours on end immersed in quality content. YouTube remains the world’s most popular TV service, despite facing a growing number of big-name competitors. It features content to suit all personal tastes and has helped many businesses to expand and increase customer engagement.

If you want to take your YouTube or your YouTube TV experience to the next level and make your way around the platform with a minimum of stress, linking your phone to your TV is an excellent move. Happy watching!


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