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VLC4iPhone App – Complete Review With Screenshots

Remember our famous 8 New Features In VLC 1.0 that will make you rejoice post, I think now its time for reviewing VLC4iPhone app for iPhone/iPod Touch. Since we have been following the development of this app for a long time, what makes us exciting is that the current version v.2.1.0 has a complete new redesign. The last version was quite buggy too, it used to lag while playing .avi videos and had some other minor bugs.

So what is new, you ask? Here is the list of features that makes us excited.

Brand New Interface

The new interface looks pretty good and appears as if the developers behind VideoLAN made the app themselves. You can view Recent tab to check out which videos were watched recently. The file explorer is simple too which makes navigation much more easier. Have a look yourself in the screenshot below.

vlc4iphone file explorer

vlc4iphone video


To make it look like VLC Player’s little brother, the developers have now added Playlist instead of Bookmarks. Yes, the older versions used to have bookmarks instead of playlist, guess they were drunk. Since I haven’t added anything to my playlist yet, you will see the empty one in the screenshot below. It supports M3U and other playlist formats.

vlc4iphone playlist


The basic interface is quite simple, it now contains Previous/Next buttons and also a Playlist button to access it more easily. Guess it will come handy while playing music.

vlc4iphone interface

Awesome Fullscreen Mode

Behold the awesomeness you are going to see in the screenshot below. No comments on this one. Here is the short Trivia: The older versions of vlc4iphone lacked fullscreen mode. Now go scratch your heads.

vlc4iphone fullscreen

Better Playback Support

Like I mentioned in the introductory paragraph, the playback of certain videos were laggy in previous versions. I was quite surprised at the performance in this version, didn’t find a single lag. What is great is that the developers completely rewrote the handling of VLC to use libvlc properly.

vlc4iphone controls

Supports More Formats

It currently supports formats, such as, XviD, MP4, MOV, 3GP, FLV, MPEG, and many others. You should look out for future releases since there are high hopes that the next version will include hardware encoding and support high-definition standard such as, H264 and XviD.

Supports All Firmware

This is not a feature, but is something that will make every iPhone and iPod Touch owners excited. It doesn’t matter anymore which firmware you are using, it supports both 2.x and 3.x firmwares now.

Option To Turn Off Sound

Ok this might sound stupid but the Settings menu contain only one option, Turn Off Sound. So when can this come useful? When you are sitting in a crowded place and wouldn’t want to disturb anyone while watching a video.

vlc4iphone settings

Note: Since you can only download it from Cydia Store, a jailbroken iPhone is required before you can use this app.

So is this all? No, there are certainly some more small features here and there which you will find by trying out the app yourself. This is one great app who’s development you should be watching closely. The developer calls it ‘donation freeware’ which means that you will have to donate a small amount before proceeding to download it. But if you don’t want to donate any money but still download it, we have a guide for that as well. Enjoy!


  1. Does anyone know if this app supports chapter markers for streaming video? Or know of any alternative players that can somehow display chapter markers?

  2. No Full screen. Choppy Audio. I to was very excited by the VLC player installed on my iphone 3.1.3. I use it in lue of all other players on my PC’s and MAC’s.


  3. What a crappy apps. I’m hoping it would play rmvb which it did with audio only. The video freezes and the program crashes. horrible apps, needs vlc upgrade asap

  4. This is a terrible app. I jailbroke my itouch especially for it to play .avi .wmv .mkv ect…
    It wont play any of these formats correctly no picture appears and then when it dose its choppy and the sound is out of sync and also choppy! It uses the native codec/player for mp4’s which play in full screen and look perfect but i could already play these!!!

    Overall its useless, went through all that trouble of jailbraking and copying the files to the itouch for nothing, worse than nothing as now I now have an itouch full of crap buggy apps, that is slow and freezes!

    Dont waist your time!

  5. its a vlc player but i cant play flv, i can hear the sound though but no picture?

    if play mov files it works just fine.

  6. This didnt work as Id hoped It would. No fullscreen, Laggy video and some REALLY anoying advertisement. I really hope they do better on the upgrade!!! This was realy bad!

  7. I have the same issues no fullscreen and it cant play avi's without serious lag problems. pretty much makes it useless as it is. hopefully it will get an update to fix it.

  8. Same as others , it wont go full screen or play anything properly… Is it fixed to not work if you dont pay? If i knew it would work i would pay, but i wont pay for it if it doesnt in the hope that a better version will come out! WhAts goin on? Does it work for anyone?

  9. Free option is no longer visible now, as you have mentioned, as of Sep 19 2009
    Do you know any other ways to select this free option?


  10. Installed 2.1 tonight on 3gs 3.0.1, I too cannot get full screen mode. I turn the phone, it’ll act like it’s almost trying to realign the screen but it pops back to the small screen as if my phone is still in the original orientation even though the phone is clearly horizontal. Hope this helps the developer resolve this issue.

  11. I installed the latest version of vlc4iPhone on 3gs and I am not able to play videos in full screen. Please address the issue.

    • Do you have the latest version installed? If yes, then the video must load in fullscreen mode. I did MPEG compression and the format was MP4, the video ran smoothly in fullscreen mode.

    • That is bollocks, it opens MP4 using the standard iPhone video player, the vlc4iphone is crap, video playback (when its using its own decoder, not the iPhone player that comes with the phone) is choppy, there are annoying ads in the playback screen and NO fullscreen mode for divx/avi playback. its not working anywhere nearly as well as VLC player on other platforms. Hope the REAL VLC team will do a version for iPhone.

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