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5 Online Services For Creating Short URLs That You Probably Don’t Know About

I have been using Tinyurl for making long URL short because it is among the first one to come up with the idea. After much research I found 5 new services that I didn’t know about, to my surprise all of them came out to be unique, with bunch of great features. I have compiled the list in random order, because each one has advantage over other due to their uniqueness.



Cligis is a powerful URL shortening service. The most unique feature of this service is that it allows you to access detailed analytics and traffic information of your short URL that you share.


Update: No longer available.


esyURL is a great service which apart from it’s default URL shortening service, also lets you upload a file up to 2Mb in size and then provides you a short link to access it. Which is a very easy and quick way to share files with your friends.



is.gd is an excellent url shortening service with a twist, it allows you to preview the shortened URL before taking you to the original location. This comes handy when you worry that the short URL can take you to the website that you don’t trust. Simply add a hypen(dash) at the end of the URL and you will be taken to the preview page so you can know where link goes.


Update: No longer available.


urlPass is a service with a cool concept, it shortens the long URL into one permanent address(e.g urlPass.com/3) which you can remember more easily. This makes it useful for sending the link via sms more easily.



Url.ie is a service which tries its best to keep itself ad, spam, pop-up, and cookies free. Which they proudly state on their homepage. Simply enter the address and click Truncate and you are done creating a short url within seconds.


Bonus: URlBunch– Converts Multiple Links Into One Short Link


Update: No longer available, unfortunately.


URLBunch is a url shortening service that is a bit different from the rest, it converts multiple long URLs into one short URL which makes it easier to share with family and friends. We have covered one such service previously here.

That’s it ! Now start giving these services a kick and don’t forget to share it with your friends.


  1. Isn’t that “unique” feature for the is.gd the exact same as tinyurl? You can preview a tinyurl by putting preview. in front of the new url and it previews it the same way.. unless I’m missing something?

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