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Access, Create, And Edit Google Docs Documents From Chrome [Extension]

Ultimate Google Docs Viewer is a small Google Chrome extension allowing users to access and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations stored in Google Docs. It allows user to have the benefit of a single click access to all their documents on Google Docs.

Once installed, you can access files by clicking blue document-imaged button present next to the address bar. It will list down all of your documents, presentations and spreadsheets with an option to open (in new tab) or to delete a file on the fly. Search bar is also present at the top to find out the file you’re looking for.

google docs 1

One noteworthy aspect is that you can create a document, presentation, or spreadsheet without having to open Google Docs. To do so, click add button (green + sign), specify type of document, and start writing content.

google docs chrome 2

While surfing, we come across PDF, documents, spreadsheets, etc., with this extension installed, you can view such supported files in Google Docs via right-click context menu.

Google Docs Extension

It proves to be a useful extension that provides Chrome users the ability of managing their documents without having to open Google Docs separately.

Google Docs Viewer Extension for Google Chrome

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