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Access Extension Options From The Tools Menu In Firefox

Extension manager

Extension Options Menu is a Firefox extension that brings extension options to the Tools menu. It displays those extensions in the Tools menu that contain the Options feature. Interestingly the extension itself contains the Options feature that can also be accessed from the same menu i.e. Tools –> Extension options.

Users can customize what they wish to view in the newly added extensions context menu feature. This includes visibility of extension icons/versions and the choice to see this menu in either from Tools or in the title bar. This way those users who do not wish to sweep across Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions to configure options for the added extensions, can simply change them from the Tools menu directly or from the title bar ( if available). The downside however is that only extensions with options are manageable (a bit conveniently) with Extension Options Menu. It would have been better if it also provided options to uninstall and disabled extensions.


Extension Options Menu for Firefox

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