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Access History, Downloads, About Pages, etc From Toolbar In Chrome

The Chrome layout is built to give more space for viewing web pages and it’s a pretty good concept but sometimes using the little spanner to access everything from the bookmarks manager, extensions, history, to the download manager seems like you’re taking the long route for getting to some of your most frequently used functions. Mega Button is an extension for Chrome that gives you access to Downloads, History, Extensions, Bookmarks, Plugin, DNS details, Memory usage info, and Cache logs all in one button.

mega button

The extension adds a simple green button next to the URL bar; when you click the button a small toolbar appears just under the address bar with icons for downloads, history, extensions, bookmarks etc. Clicking any of the icons opens the setting in a new pinned tab. The button is similar to using the spanner button to access your setting only you don’t need to scroll through menu options to get to them.

The following video further demonstrates the usage.

The extension also gives you quick access to special pages like the about:Plugin, about:DNS, about:memory, about:cache and about:flags which you can’t access from the spanner options.

Install Mega Button For Chrome

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