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LookMobile – Access SMS And Contacts On Your Android Remotely From Browser

As unlikely as it may seem and no matter how much you say it could never happen to you because you’re just too careful; there’s still chance a day might come when you forget to take your phone with you. If that  happened, many would run right back home to their phone as if they’ve actually left an infant unattended but for those who can’t make it back, LookMobile is a web service that can ease your separation anxiety by letting you access your messages, call log and contacts remotely from your browser.


The service isn’t going to let you use all your apps and stuff, it gives you remote access to three very important things; your SMS messages, your call logs and your contacts provided your device is connected to the internet. It’s not the same as having your phone on you but it can come in handy when you need to access your contacts or perhaps read an important message from someone. The service does not store your call log or messages, it pulls them fresh each time you connect your phone

To use the service, download the Android app to your phone and login with your Facebook ID. This is a one time only step that you need to do on your phone. Should the day actually come when you forget your phone, go to the site and login with your Facebook ID, the service will sync your messages, contacts and call log.

While you may laugh at the idea of actually forgetting your phone, having the app installed might rescue you from a sticky situation if you actually do forget it. It is worth mentioning here that your Android device must have internet access for the service to access it.

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