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Access Springpad Offline In Chrome

Springpad is an online notebook and organizer rolled into one. For online organizing, it’s terrific and now Chrome users can benefit from this service offline as well. Springpad has announced offline syncing in Chrome OS with the Chrome Springpad web app. The sync feature not only lets you view all notes and tasks when you’re offline, but also to add new notes and tasks or edit existing ones. All changes you make are synced when you go online again. To use Sringpad offline, you must have the web app installed (simply having the Chrome extension installed will not work).

Springpad syncing

To begin syncing, launch the Chrome App for Springpad and login. All notes, tasks, notebooks etc will be saved locally. The sync feature adds three new buttons to the interface; they appear under the Home button in the upper left corner. These buttons tell you if you’re online and data has been synced , if Springpad is currently syncing your data (which means you should not log out or close your browser) and if you’re offline.

Syncing occurs in the background which means you won’t notice anything different (like slower speed) when you work in Springpad. Once you’ve added notes, tasks, alerts, photos, movies, recipes and perhaps a few ideas for world domination, you can go offline. Remember not to log out or you will no longer have offline access to your information.

Springpad offline

Once offline, you will have access to everything but some features (like alerts) will not be available. The greatest advantage is everything in Springpad is still available without an internet connection. Some features (mostly the ones that you would only use when you’re online) like search filters and uploading files will not be available. When you work offline, the ‘Offline’ button appears under the home button. When you reconnect to the internet, click the offline button to begin syncing. Anything and everything you’ve added will be uploaded online.

Features that will not be available offline are:  add via search, board view in notebooks, settings for the web app, a few sorting and filter options, links to sites and file upload.

Download Springpad Chrome App

Visit Springpad website

[via Lifehacker]

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