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Add A More Functional Bookmarks Bar To Firefox 4

How many bookmarks does your average Firefox bookmark bar show you? I counted 10, and with such a long bar, it’s a waste to only fit 10 pages up there. Smartest Bookmarks Bar is a Firefox extension that uses the limited space on the bookmark bar very wisely by removing the text (page title or folder name) and showing only the icons. The bar can be customized so that folder names remain visible and page titles are visible on mouse over. The extension also lets you set options to auto hide the bookmarks bar.

Smartest Bookmarks Bar

To enable folders and pages to be viewed on the bar, you have to first open the bookmarks library and drag & drop the folder and pages on the ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’ section. All folders and pages that you add to this area will start showing on the bar. You can choose the alignment of the icons (left, center or right), you can opt out of showing page/ folder names on mouse over, hide folder names all together and set activity area on the top bar for making it reappear (if auto hide is enabled). In the end, you get a simple toolbar, loaded with all the sites you frequently visit instead of just ten.

Install Smartest Bookmarks Bar For Firefox


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