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OpinionCloud Creates A Word Cloud To Summarize YouTube & Flickr Comments [Chrome, Firefox]

Comments on popular services like Flickr and YouTube can be quite useful when you want to find out what the crowd thinks about a particular video or photo, but at the same time, too many comments can make things complicated, especially if they span multiple pages. OpinionCloud, a Chrome extension and Firefox Add-on, changes the way you read user comments on YouTube and Flickr. It does this by summarizing comments into a negative and positive word cloud of sorts, providing an overview of the overall public opinion. The bigger the word, the more common its occurrence is, and the colors denote positive or negative points of view. Moreover, clicking one of the words pulls up a list of related comments. All of this appears underneath the video, and you can easily toggle the keywords on and off by clicking the OpinionCloud button. With it, you can simply  and look at decent videos and photos that actually interest you.

After you’ve installed the extension, simply click the OpinionCloud button to display the keywords under the video. The extension sorts out the good and bad comments, with the green colored words representing positive response, while red color indicates a negative reaction. Next, you can click on any word to retrieve a list of full comments containing that particular word.


Similarly, a word cloud for Flickr is displayed under each photo, and clicking any of the words pulls a list of related comments.


The extension isn’t just useful for telling if a video is entertaining or not; if you’re looking for instructional videos or how-tos, this extension will help you determine which videos are the best. Additionally, it helps you save time by preventing you from watching really low-quality ones. It offers you with a neat way to skim user comments on popular photos and videos. OpinionCloud is available for both Chrome and Firefox, and can be installed from the links below.

Install OpinionCloud For Google Chrome

Install OpinionCloud Add-On For Firefox

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