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Add Facebook Chat And Google Talk To Your Firefox Sidebar

Instead of using Facebook Chat and Google Talk in Facebook or Gmail respectively, you can add them to your Firefox sidebar instead, in this way you can chat and surf the web at the same time.

Facebook Chat

To add Facebook Chat to your Firefox sidebar, go to Bookmarks tab and click Organize Bookmarks(or press Ctrl+Shift+B). Now go to Organize and select New Bookmark.

creating new bookmark

Give it a name ‘Facebook Chat’, in Location type the following URL.


Check the ‘Load this bookmark in the sidebar’ checkbox and click Add.

add bookmark in organize tab

Facebook Chat has been added to your bookmarks, now all you have to do is load the bookmark in the sidebar. To do so, go to View > Sidebar > Bookmarks(or press Ctrl+Shift+S). Select Facebook Chat from the list of bookmarks and it will load up instantly.

facebook chat on firefox sidebar

By default the width of the sidebar will be less, you can increase the width by dragging it to a little right.

Note: You can also load the sidebar first and then add the bookmark later, in this way the “Load this bookmark in the sidebar” checkbox will work easily.

Google Talk

For Google Talk, use the same procedures as defined above, but while adding the bookmark give it a name ‘Google Talk’, and in Address type the following URL.


That’s it. Below is an example of Google Talk in my Firefox sidebar.

google talk in firefox sidebar



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