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Add Filters And Automate Firefox Downloads With Automatic Save Folder

Firefox automatically saves downloaded files to a single Downloads folder, and doesn’t allow you organize the downloaded material through automatic sorting. If you want to filter out your downloaded files and organize them for faster access, then a handy Firefox add-on, Automatic Save Folder, can be of help. This add-on allows you to specify different folders by adding filters based on file name and domain. Your selected folders are then automatically used to save the downloaded files, or proposed by the file explorer to prevent spending your time while looking for it. Moreover, you can enable options such as dynamic folders, to add additional information (e.g., dates) to your folders.

Once you’ve installed the add-on, simply add filters by file type & domain name from the Automatic Save Folder Preferences. Change the order of the filters by clicking the up/down arrows, and click the Edit button to change settings for the file locations. In addition to that, click the (-) button to simply delete a domain from the list, and click the (+) button to add new filters.


The (+) button opens a Add a new filter window. From here, you can configure new filters by adding a URL for the Domain. Use full file names, wildcards or regular expressions for the file name category and click Select to choose a local folder from your system. Once done click Ok and your selected filters will be added to the list.


Use the Options category to enable Do not show the file explorer, Save dialog box and select Automatically accept “What should Firefox do with this file?” dialog windows. In addition to that, you can also enable Suggest all possible folders and View the list of folders options in the the Save dialog box.


Another useful feature of this add-on is the ability to enable dynamic folders. These are created with the help of tags, and can add date or other information to the folder dynamically. You will have to enable this option before you use them in the download paths.

dynamic folders

A save dialog of Automatic Save Folder is displayed when you download a file. Here, you will be able to save the file in your defined location, or you can choose a different folder from the Available filter’s path option. Furthermore, click Add or edit a filter to add the current domain or file name to the list.


Automatic Save Folder is a handy add-on that allows users to organize and manage downloads. It only requires a one-time configuration, after which you can automate the file download process. Install the add-on from the link below, and let us know what you think.

Install Automatic Save Folder Add-on For Firefox


  1. The developer of Automatic Save Folder has now too little time to continue working on this addon. What about alternatives?

  2. “Diff locations CAN also be configured.”

    where in firefox exactly? what, per filetype/extention as well??

    So you really think someone will write a plugin that does exactly the same features as those built into firefox??


    • Click the FF menu. (for YOU, it’s in the upper left corner) > options > (flyout) options (again) > click the General tab and under DOWNLOADS if the “Save files to” box is ticked you (well, maybe not YOU) will see “Browse” on the right to change location.
      I tick the box BELOW that to “ask me everytime” where to save it.
      If this is to complicated, I apologize. maybe your little sister could help you.

    • If you would just read and understand what I wrote instead of simply repeating yourself…

      Let me put it to you again:
      Where in firefox can you tell it to save files in different locations depending on the file extension???
      Where in firefox can you setup *multiple* locations for saving files? as it not everyone wants to to save everything they download in the same folder NOR do they want to navigate the file browser everytime they want to save to a different location.

      Do  you even understand what the plug-in does?? maybe your sister could help you with that.

  3. From the article: “Firefox automatically saves downloaded files to a single Downloads folder, and doesn’t allow you to customize or change the settings for this process.”

    I have FF set in options to ask everytime to download anywhere I choose. Diff locations CAN also be configured.
    Under Options > General > Downloads you can tick to “ask every time” OR “Browse” to a place of your choosing, like the desktop or whatever.
    I’m still using ver. 7.0.1.
    Will have to backup THIS install with MozBackup and try ver. 8 soon.

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