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Add Grooveshark Playback And Playlist Controls In Firefox 4 Status Bar

Do you hate to bring up Grooveshark playlist every time just to change the track, search for your favorite  song or to shuffle the playlist items? GrooveControl is a newly developed extension for Firefox 4 which saves you a lot of time by bringing the Grooveshark basic controls in status bar. It was made to let users perform basic operations over currently opened Groveshark playlist whilst providing playback controls. You will also see details of the song, including, track name, artist name, and album art along with playback controls.

The developer has kept its look simple with minimum set to features to go around with. Once you’ve selected the song from Grooveshark playlist, it adds a Groveshark controller in Add-on bar (status bar) with playback and playlist controls.

grooveshark 2

With GrooveControl, you wont need to open Grooveshark tab repeatedly for shuffling the playlist items or to play/pause the track, just use the respective buttons to play, pause, and to jump between playlist items provided on the status bar.

groovecontrol 1


It is to be noted here that the extension is in experimental stage, therefore you might find some glitches.

Install GrooveControl Extension for Firefox 4


  1. You might want to correct your link at the base of the post. Right now it says ‘Install GrooveControl Extension for Google Chrome’ – it should say Firefox 4

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