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Add Minor Tweaks To Firefox With Link Location Bar And Search Scrub

For web surfers who need their browsers to work a little differently, small extensions can be a big help. Link Location Bar is an extension for Firefox that displays the URL of links in the address bar as opposed to the progress bar and Search Scrub is an extension that clears the contents of the search bar after every search. Both extensions perform minimalistic functions that can make browsing just a little bit easier.

Link Location Bar

Link Location Bar will display the URL of a link in the address bar; the address bar is divided into two sections, the first sections displays the URL of the current page and the second sections displays the URL of the link you mouse over. The sections are created only when you mouse over a link.


Search Scrub

Search Scrub is an extension that cleans the search bar once you’ve completed a search. It can wipe the search bar immediately or you can choose to delay it by 5,10, 30 or 60 seconds. The extension ensures that every time you go to your search bar, you won’t have to remove the keywords you entered before, you can start typing keywords for the new search immediately.


These extensions may not be for everyone, but for the web surfer who likes things a little different, they could be very useful.

Install Link Location Bar For Firefox

Install Search Scrub For Firefox

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