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Add Missing Keyboard Shortcuts To Google Music With keyGMusic [Chrome]

Google not only gave us great services and apps but it also set the standard in lots of things like how email and web search should work. Google Music is a fairly new service from the search giant; whether it’ll be the next big thing in online music streaming isn’t certain yet but those using the service are bound to notice that there’s something missing; you can’t control your Google Music playlists when you’re working in another tab. keyGMusic is a Chrome extension that adds that missing functionality to your browser; you can pause/ play songs from any tab and switch to the next or previous song in the list by using keyboard shortcuts.

keyGMusic Options

You can set your own hotkeys by editing the pre-set hotkey options from the extension settings. Just click the control you want to edit and press the hotkey combination you want to replace it with. If it’s available (e.g. you can’t set Ctrl+P as the Play/ Pause hotkey because it is reserved for the print command) it will appear in the settings. Reload Google Music pages for the extension and settings to take effect.

Install keyGMusic For Chrome

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  • Xantes

    How about pressing all keyboard’s keys at once so that we can say that there is a hot key combination for Google Music?!

  • Zuguru

    It doesn’t work except inside the Google Music tab. Utterly useless.