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Add Movable Buttons To Firefox 4 With Firefox 4 UI Fixer

Firefox 4 UI Fixer is a Mozilla Firefox extension that allows users to add movable buttons to the Firefox 4 browser toolbar and a new tab option in the context menu. This extension modifies the Firefox toolbar in such a way that a movable menu button is added on the Bookmark Toolbar that shows elaborate Firefox options within a single-click drop down menu.

This movable button can be dragged to right side of the Bookmark Bar according to user preferences. The Menu button unifies Firefox options to be viewed within a single drop down menu instead of sweeping through numerous tabs on the Menu Bar.

Menu Button

You can go to Firefox 4 UI Fixer options by going to the Add-ons tab from the Tools drop down menu. You can choose to enable the movable Firefox button, add a new tab option to the right-click context menu and make the status bar icons movable.

Firefox 4 UI Fixer

By enabling the “Make Status Bar Movable” option, you can drag status bar icons to any toolbar in the browser. In other words the status bar icons become movable. The option to add a new tab in the right-click context menu is also quite handy as it allows users to open new tabs quickly.

New Tab

Being able to add new buttons and move status bar buttons on any toolbar within the Firefox 4 browser can be quite useful, as it can simplify viewing and access to browser buttons in a specified location of the browser instead of viewing them in a fragmented form. This extension has been developed for Firefox 4 only (tested on FF 4 beta).

Install Firefox 4 UI Fixer Extension

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