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Add Online Account Signatures In Your Email With WiseStamp For Firefox, Chrome, Safari

WiseStamp is a Firefox, Google Chrome And Safari extension that allows users to create a custom signature with links to many social networking and IM accounts. With WiseStamp, you can automatically add a HTML signature in Gmail, Yahoo, etc that contains your latest tweet, eBay store item and online account details from Facebook, StumbleUpon, Pandora, Last.fm, Blip.fm, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc without the need to login to any account. WiseStamp is a simple and easy way of sharing plan casts, music, online profile links, IM IDs and much more.

To get started, you can add a custom message in the text box (e.g. name and mobile number) for your email signature. You can also choose to create a personal or business signature by selecting the desired choice from the drop down menu above the signature text box. In the Email Apps tab, numerous online accounts, posts from Twitter, StumbleUpon, eBay, Plan Cast, Digg, etc can be added along with the option to add random quotes, sharing music (via  Pandora, Last.fm, Blip.fm), adding an RSS feed link to your blog, a disclaimer message and more. Users do not require logging into any account and can add their usernames for relevant web services to share their profiles via WiseStamp. In the Email Apps tab, web services can be found via the All, Social, Tools, Fun and Business sections.

Email Apps

The Social Icons tab allows adding profile links from Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and Twitter. Unlike the Email Apps tab, Social Icons only provides profile links to the WiseStamp signature (and not status messages or miscellaneous sharing options) . There is no need to login to any account, simply add the respective username to create a profile link for your signature. You can also add more accounts from other services from the Add button located at the bottom of the interface.

Social Icons (2)

Similarly, IM usernames can be added for numerous services via the IM Icons tab to be displayed with the WiseStamp signature. Like the Social icons tab, more IM services can be added from the Add button. Once you are done customizing the signature click apply for the changes to take effect.


The WiseStamp email signature will automatically display in your relevant mail account the next time you use the supported browser to compose an email. For example, if you have added a Twitter account, it will display your last tweet as well as a link to your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc profile via the icons of these web services. Likewise, your IM usernames will be visible as well as your custom message as an email signature.

Wise Stamp Attached

The settings can be accessed from the relevant accounts or from the status bar of your browser.

Wise Stamp

WiseStamp is a good way of sharing your latest activities, music, plancast, blog RSS links, etc. However, as an account can be added merely via the profile link, this does create the possibility of a malicious source impersonating someone with a simple signature that contains the relevant usernames. This extension works with Firefox 2.0 – 4.0b9pre, Google Chrome and Safari.

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