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Add Subtitles To YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.tv Videos With Universal Subtitles

Universal Subtitles is a web service that allows users to create and share subtitled versions of YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.tv and USTREAM videos. It supports famous video formats, such as, MP4, WebM, theora, HTML 5, etc. After a video is subtitled, it can be shared across Facebook, Twitter and with an embedded code that is provided by Universal Subtitles. The transformed video can be further edited by anyone to add translations.

Universal Subtitles is a project of PCF (Participatory Culture Foundation), the same organization who is behind the popular Miro Video Converter.

To start creating subtitles, go to the Universal Subtitles website, enter the URL of the video and hit Submit Video. Make sure that you are logged in with your Universal Subtitles account so that you can save your work after completion.


After that, you can either upload subtitles, add a translation or click Subtitle Me to add your own subtitles from scratch. You will be prompted to select a language in which the subtitles are to be added, along with a prompt to identify the native language of the video.

Select Category

Simply, start the video and add subtitles as the video moves on. You can select between three different editing levels to suit your need. The beginners level and Magical Auto Pause mode pauses the video periodically, whereas, the Expert mode plays the video nonstop (it can be however be paused/played by hitting the tab key).

Add Subtitles

After adding the subtitles, you can start reviewing and managing them in the next step. After which you can save your work and share it across Facebook, Twitter or add an embedded code to your website. Anyone who watches the video can add translations to further enhance the subtitle options for the video.


Universal Subtitles is a great project to help millions of deaf and hard of hearing viewers.

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