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Add Windows 7 Taskbar Jump List Features To Your Website

As many of you may already know that apart from speed and performance improvements, Internet Explorer 9 also focuses on making full use of Windows 7 Jumplist. IE 9 defines the website pinning in Windows 7 super bar in a whole different way, allowing you to gain control over every little feature related with pinned applications, like, Jumplist static and dynamic items, Thumbnail live Preview, Taskbar notifications, and so on. Build My Pinned Site is an web service to incorporate all features of Windows 7 pinned application into your website, so your readers / visitors can engage into defined activities and check updates of your websites without having to manually find them from your website.

For instance, you want to grow people interest in your online shop – shopping cart. It’d be rather great to bring products and services related hot updates and best deals into Jumplist dynamic section, so users can easily view them and directly open links from Jumplist. You can also create static elements of a shopping cart, i.e product/service categories, and add them into Jumplist, letting user easily open the required category right from Jumplist rather than from shopping cart main menu. Similarly, each feature can be utilized in such a way that users eventually start taking maximum benefit out of pinned website on their taskbar.

pinning websites 3

So how does Build My Pinned Site help webmasters? The process becomes rather simple once you know how and where to embed the code. The developer elaborates the procedure of incorporating all the features in detail. The integrated code generators generate the user customized code for each pinned website function.

In 5 simple steps, you can insert all features in your website right from Jumplist items and thumbnail dynamic preview, to notifications. Let’s take a look at the first step – Create a hi-res favicon. It’s a drawing panel where you can either draw a favicon from scratch or import favicon from external source. Underneath drawing panel, it generates code for inserted favicon and tells you how to embed generated code in your main index/master page.

ie 9 favicon

You must read the instructions listed with each step. The Get the Code link opens the code generator, showing customized feature code for your website. The steps beneath it defines how to customize the code according to your website requirements.


ie 9 screenshots 3

Below you can see Rotten Tomatoes pinned website Jumplist items and Thumbnail Cache Preview.

rotten tomatoes jumplist

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