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Addon Manager Fix: Quickly Access Your Installed Add-Ons [Firefox]

There are thousands of add-ons available for Firefox, and if you regularly need to manage your installed add-ons or plugins, then Addon Manager Fix can be of great help. It works by modifying the appearance of Firefox’s Add-on page, and reduces the height of all the items, which makes it easier to view more items at a glance, without having to scroll down the page. The default page displays the menu to the left and the installed items on the right. The add-on listing uses quite a bit of space, making it difficult to find add-ons. This simple tool solves the problem and lets you manage add-ons in a more effective manner.

Once this Firefox add-on has been installed, you will notice that the menu is displayed at the top of the page, whereas, the items are displayed below it. A count of the disabled add-ons, and a restart button, are also added to the interface. The add-on page is grey colored, and disabled add-ons appear in a red color. The Get Add-ons, Extensions, Plugins, Appearance and Recent Updates buttons are all displayed at the top, and when clicked, they show the number of installed items. You will also find the Name, Last Updated and Status buttons under the menu.

addon manager fix

An additional set of controls is available from the cog wheel button in the top right corner. The controls allow you to edit the existing colors for different elements i.e. color for enabled add-ons, color for disabled add-ons, etc. These options appear under Open Customization Preview. Additional controls let you install an add-on from a file, check for and update all add-ons, and generate a list of installed add-ons.

The great thing about this add-on is that it lets you edit the colors for the different elements to your liking. While it can be tedious to have to go through each one and change it, you end up with something you like looking at. The flaw with the add-on is that the default colors it comes with looks like someone smeared a clown over it. The colors are not just disturbingly bright and starkly contrast with each other but also, the icons which you can’t edit are very bright.

For an add-on that aims to simplify managing extensions, the visual aspect has been left entirely up to the user. At the very least the developer should consider adding a few themes to make it easier to use.

The rows are narrower, giving you the ability to view more add-ons at a glance. Addon Manager Fix lets you easily manage a large number of installed items, and makes the page visually more appealing.

Install Addon Manager Fix For Firefox

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