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Adobe’s Project Rome Is A Powerful Content Editing Platform (Free For Now)

Project Rome is one of the latest offerings from Adobe. It is an all-in-one content creation and editing platform devised with both novice and experienced users in mind, and offers an interface that lets one inject the dynamism of multimedia and animations in every day projects, be it a brochure, greeting card, or something as diverse as a website.

Available as either a web-based application or an Adobe Air-based desktop application, Project Rome lets users create dynamic content easily with a helpful interface. With built-in integration of one’s Adobe.com account, you can choose to save files either on your local machine or on your Adobe account for access no matter where you are.

When the application is launched, you are presented with a multitude of options including creation of a new project from pre-defined templates, open an existing one, view your account and even share templates with other Adobe.com members. Pre-defined templates are present in various categories, some of which can be very helpful in creating certain content of your own choosing.

Adobe Rome New

The content types on Project Rome have been designed with printable content in mind, so unless you’re working on something specifically digital and online, you can print with ease almost anything that you create with this application.

The main interface consists of well-defined, self-explanatory menus with contextual tooltips. The editor offers almost everything needed from a basic task like image rotation and watermarking to advanced features like setting up animations and interactive controls.

Adobe Rome

Project Rome brings diverse publishing options, and users have the freedom of exporting their content either as reports, presentations, animations, or as interactive documents and websites. Social sharing on networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and via email is also supported, and the Adobe user community is obviously there.

Project Rome is a dynamic new offering from Adobe, something to look out for. Sadly, it is free only for now for preview, and once the final features and pricing have been decided upon, a paid subscription will be required to use Project Rome.

The screenshots in this review are of the web-application. Project Rome is platform independent, and requires only Adobe Air for the desktop version of the product.

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