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Announcify Gives You Audio Alerts For Unread Items in Gmail [Chrome]

Desktop alerts for new emails come and go but an annoying voice announcing the total number of unread messages in your Gmail inbox might be harder to ignore. If you’re in the habit of getting caught up in your work and forgetting to either check your email or to forget the ones that are already in your inbox then Announcify for Google Chrome is a Chrome extension that you could probably use. It’s based on a widely popular Android app that (until further features are integrated to match the app) periodically announces the number of unread emails in your Gmail inbox.

chrome background app

Announcify is a Chrome extension that runs as a Chrome background app. Its purpose is two fold; one it’s a replacement for that nagging voice in your head that reminds you to check your email and two, you don’t have to return to your email tab to check if you have new mail, you can just click the extension icon and it will announce the number of unread messages in your inbox.

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Install Announcify for Google Chrome

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