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Apply Different Color Schemes To Webpages & Elements [Firefox]

Color Transform is a simple Firefox add-on that enables you to apply multiple colors schemes and transforms to webpages according to your preference. For instance, you might want to reduce the brightness of a page, invert its lighting, change its color scheme or more. These changes can either be applied for reading or printing purposes. After you’ve installed Color Transform, a toolbar is added right next to the address bar which provides access to multiple color schemes and transformations. The add-on includes 12 color schemes, such as White on black, Green on green, Pink on purple, Cyan on blue and so on. Moreover, you will be able to apply 16 different color transforms, which include increasing or decreasing the contrast, decreasing lighting, inverting color hue, decreasing or increasing saturation options and more.

The first four purple colored buttons can be used to apply and save transformations. The first button allows you to apply saved custom transform, button two lets you save custom transform, whereas the third button lets you select and inspect HTML element. The very last button lets you apply the default transform. The button function, icon and tooltip changes when you scroll or right-click, while the selected function is applied when you left-click a button.

save and apply buttons color schemes

Multiple color schemes can be applied to webpages, along with various transforms. Select a color scheme and then change the saturation, hue or contrast from the toolbar. Once you’re satisfied with a color combination, you can quickly save it and apply it to any other website.


According to the developer, a new version of the add-on might contain extra functions, such as transformation of background/foreground images and site specific preferences, with automatic transformation at load. Color Transform is a pretty slick add-on that allows you to apply different color schemes to webpages for better readability or printing.

Install Color Transform Add-On For Firefox

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