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Asana Allows Free Project Management And Collaboration [Web]

Are you looking for a service that can help you organize and track your projects? Or do you need a service that can help you stay connected with your team members at all times? Asana is a brand new web app for project management that lets you assign tasks to team members, set due dates and check comments on each task. It features a slick interface that allows easy navigation on the website. You can also set tags so you may find information about tasks easily. Furthermore, you can add details to each task, such as due dates, notes, attachments and assignees.

Asana has a workspace to the left side of the web page, where you can add multiple workspaces and each workspace has Projects, Tags and People. It also allows you to add multiple projects and tags.


To add members to your team, all you need to do is add their Email and Name (Optional) and send an invite to them. You can add up to 30 members for each project.


Once you’ve added team members, assign a name to the workspace, and select its purpose from the drop-down menu (Business, Non-Profit, School, Personal , Club or Other). Set your business name and Business website URL, along with how large your Business is.

manage workspace

Add tasks and assign members to each task or leave them unassigned. Expand the right pane to add details about Assignees and Due Dates or Attach a file. Adding tasks is simple; each line displays a task, and you can add headings too. Members can use the Unfollow button to stop receiving mails and comments on a particular task. You may add followers so they can receive comments in their inbox, and stay up to date. Finally, you can check a task to mark it as complete.


Asana has a number of keyboard shortcuts that limit the use of the mouse and make things even more efficient. It is a useful, not to mention beautiful, web app, especially for project managers and their team members. It is free and only requires a simple sign up. Visit the link below and start managing your projects more effectively today.

Visit Asana


  1. I’ve been using Asana for my personal project and task management for a couple of days.  Big thumbs up for ease of use, usability, and overall right tool in the right place.  The complexity is hidden until you need or want to manage in different ways.

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