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Automatically Resize Large Images On Webpages And Forum Posts To Fit Layout

We have all come across web pages and forum posts that contain very large images that makes it difficult to read through the page text. ImageFit is a Firefox extension that automatically fits the size of large images to make viewing easier. It uses the surrounding elements of a web page in order to determine the right size to shrink an image.

A good example of demonstrating the utility of this extension can be observed with the below image comparison. The first picture is in its full size form before installing ImageFit, followed by the screenshot of the appearance of the same web page.

ImageFit automatically resized the large image to appear in a format that made the page more readable and easy to view.

This extension can be quite helpful for people who may come across websites that contain very large images that hinder viewing. Similarly, problems experienced by users with small monitor screens,e.g. netbooks, can also be resolved with the use of ImageFit.

ImageFit extension for Firefox

[via gHacks]


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