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Automatically Clear Chrome History With AutoClear

History remover

Using computers from public locations and shared network is undeniably a security threat that can compromise online accounts. A lot of information can be extracted from browser history and cookies. AutoClear is a Google Chrome extension that automatically clears all browser data whenever Chrome starts. This eliminates the need to manually clear history, cookies, saved passwords, etc periodically.

Many a times it is also difficult to remember clearing data from the browser, which can be later accessed by anyone who uses the same computer. In many offices people from different shifts use the same system as their shifts rotate. This is particularly the case for research departments that work in two or three shifts. A system administrator and colleague is also likely to have access to the same computer due to official requirements. It is also a common mistake to save passwords on a browser prompt, (sometimes habitually). This can grant easy access to your online accounts to anyone who uses the computer from the same user account or to extract information with Administrative privileges. Clearing saved passwords, cookies, history, cache, etc can resolve this problem. The utility of AutoClear is that it clears your traces after the browser closes, so that you don’t have to.

Note: AutoClear will not be useful if you leave your browser open. Make sure that you exit Chrome for the history be cleared out.

AutoClear Extension for Chrome

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