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Automatically Restart Firefox When Memory Usage Exceeds A Limit

Firefox eats RAM, we all know it and accept it as one of those things we can overlook because the browser and its library of extensions is incredible enough in itself. RAM poaching tolerance is one thing but when it gets to a point where it starts to effect your browsing you have to do something about it. Memory Restart is a Firefox extension that monitors the memory usage by the browser, it lets you set a limit to the memory usage and tells you when the limit has been exceeded. You can restart the browser using the extension to bring memory usage back to normal.

Memory Restart

The extension gives a fairly accurate view of how much memory is being used and is useful if you often leave your browser running idle and memory usage increases drastically because of the memory leaks. You can specify how much memory is reasonable for the browser to use from the extension’s options. Memory usage appears in the add-on bar, when the limit is exceeded, it starts showing usage in red.

Memory Restart Preferences

The extension also adds a button next to the search bar to which indicates if memory usage is above or below the limit by changing colors. The button can be clicked to restart Firefox.

About Memory

Install Memory Restart For Firefox


  1. I think this is not the best solution. why dont just use memory fox. its refresh memory, it works on other browser too.

  2. I’ve been using Firefox Plumber (foxboost) http://www.rizone3.com/2011/firefox-plumber/ which works a treat. Found the following video which shows it in action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VmWcHeYu7g

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