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BarTab: Prevent Tabs From Loading To Save Firefox Crash [Extension]

One of the most common reason Firefox crashes is when users open up 20+ tabs simultaneously. What happens is that every tab consumes memory, thus shooting it past the normal rate and crashing the browser. BarTab is an add-on that prevents this behavior by preventing new tabs from loading unless the user visits it. It also speeds up Firefox browser restart and the overall performance.


It brings small but significant improvement to the overall browsing experience. Users can also choose to exclude a certain website to make sure it always loads when opened in a new tab.

BarTab preferences

Settings can be changed by going to the add-on’s preferences. Users can choose to restore tabs from previous session, choose action when tabs are opened in background, and when user doesn’t visit the tab in a while, and more.

BarTab Add-on For Firefox


  1. A useful add-on – I like the feature that prevents revisiting tabs that have cobwebs. I click on a lot of news stories on many days and then keyboard to the next tab without closing out. Also, when checking on software download candidates. This add-on cleans it up nicely.

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