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Better Omnibox: Search Bookmarks & History Using Chrome Omnibar

The Omnibar has been one of the distinguishing features of Google Chrome, combining URL entry with instant search and several other useful features. Better Omnibox, a Google Chrome extension, improves upon the existing capabilities of Omnibar and enhances your search results by pulling results from both your bookmarks and browsing history, enabling you to find previously-visited or starred content with even more ease. Better Omnibox is unobtrusive and easy-to-use. All you need to do, is simply type #, hit Space and then enter your query. The extension will display a list of top matches from both bookmarks and history, allowing quicker navigation.

Better Omnibox makes full use of Chrome’s Instant Search, and as you type only a few letters of your query, results are retrieved from a combination of your bookmarks & history. The bookmarked results will appear with star icons, whereas the links that are being retrieved from history will have hash icons. The extension gives higher precedence to the last visited query, so each time you use Better Omnibox and select one of its results, that result will rank higher for future queries.


Better Omnibox gives Chrome better search capabilities, and can come in quite handy especially for people who want to have instant access to their recently visited websites and bookmarks. Visit the link given below, try it out and drop a comment.

Install Better Omnibox For Google Chrome


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