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Better YouTube Makes Watching Videos On YouTube Better [Chrome]

Better YouTube is a Chrome extension that enhances the video streaming experiences on YouTube by reducing the clutter and giving a minimalist look. It alters the look of YouTube pages by stretching the video and moving it to the center for comfortable viewing, centralizing comments, removing ads from the home screen, auto hiding suggestions, removing promoted videos and ads from the search and much more.

This makes it easier to focus on the video with a cleaner looking page and removal of clutter. A main overview of all the features of Better YouTube is that it moves videos to the center and automatically stretches them in order to make them in accordance to a  comfortable viewing size. It centralizes footers on each page, centralizes title on video page, and cleans up video and homepage (by removing ads and promoted videos).

YouTube - 'Season of the Witch' Trailer HD - Google Chrome

It centers comments and auto-hides video suggestions which can be accessed from the top right corner of the page. However, this might not be liked by certain users, e.g. the ones who look for different parts of a YouTube video from video suggestions section. Learn how to play all parts of a Youtube video automatically.

Better YouTube Extension for Chrome

Update: It is disappointing to see that this extension is no longer available in the Chrome Web Store. For an alternative, you can try Smart Video Enlarger extension that does a good job at enlarging YouTube videos for better watching experience.


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