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Block Unwanted FB Application Postings With Facebook Application Blocker

Facebook Application Blocker is a powerful Chrome Extension, which allows users to block Facebook postings made by applications. If you’re an avid Facebook user, you’ll know how difficult it is to sift through all the applications’ postings that you don’t want to view anyway. This extension provides an effective and easy solution for this problem, allowing users to decide which applications to block or retain.

Normally, Internet browser extensions are accessible from any open browsing window, regardless of the site you’re navigating. However, this Chrome extension has integrated with Facebook and becomes visible only after you sign in to your Facebook account. You will find the icon to the left of the top search box. To view application settings, just click on the icon. You can also view the application entries that are currently being displayed on the page. Click Change filter settings to view or block application postings. You can choose to have the application posts highlighted with any of the five colors—purple, green, orange, and dark and light grey.


By default, the settings are set to block application postings. However, if you wish to receive postings from any particular application, you can do so by adding the selected application to the whitelist from Edit whitelist. For this, it’s important that filter settings are first set to show ‘em.

This is a useful extension that helps to get rid of all unwanted application entries that prove to be a time waster.

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