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BookFlavor: Discover New Books On Amazon & Read Reviews [Web]

Amazon is one of the most popular websites to purchase books, but we all know that it does not have the most attractive interface. BookFlavor changes the way people purchase books on Amazon by providing them with a unique, visual search engine for books. This smart web application pulls books from Amazon and displays them in a slick interface, with useful reviews for each book. The web app allows you to view both Amazon Bestsellers and New York Times Bestsellers. Users can also type into the search box an author’s name or a book title, and BookFlavor will instantly generate book recommendations matching the query.

BookFlavor displays large thumbnails of book covers on a white background. By default, the homepage displays Amazon Bestsellers, but you can also easily switch to the New York Times Bestsellers list.


Clicking the book will take you to its page, with short descriptions about the title. You will also find a View On Amazon button at the end of the description, which you can use if you want to purchase the book or if you want to simply view it on Amazon.


As you scroll down the page, you will find book reviews from Amazon. These book reviews are arranged in compact boxes with a Read more option. Clicking this button takes you to Amazon with the original review. These reviews can be quite helpful for people who are planning to purchase a particular book.


Overall, the website is rather slow and occasionally fails to load any books at all. There is no way of narrowing the search down by genre so the results are far less useful than they could have been. It lists only six results and while it’s visually appealing, for serious book readers, browsing Amazon might be a better choice since you’re more likely to find a good book that way.

Additionally, two best book lists might be a good place to start but more are needed. There are many other booklists out there that rate books on different topics and BookFlavor is a miss for a whole lot of readers looking for a new book of a particular interest. Overall, the concept of the service is good but it is limited for now.

BookFlavor is a simple and user-friendly service that allows you to browse Amazon books with a visually appealing interface. Visit the link below and give it a try.

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