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Bookolio: Access Bookmarks & Various Search Engines From New Tab Page [Chrome]

Bookolio, a Chrome extension, is for all those who want instant access to their bookmarks, most visited pages and various search engines. Bookolio customizes the new tab page and combines the bookmarks, bookmarks folder, most visited sites, and all types of search engines, in a slick interface. With it, you can quickly switch between popular search engines such as eBay, Amazon, Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo! and many others. All these search engines can be accessed from within the same tab, allowing fast navigation. Bookolio lets you search the web extensively without having to separately visit multiple search engines.

The extension modifies the new tab page, and allows you to access various search engines, the Bookmarks bar, Most Visited Sites and Other bookmarks. Hover your mouse over the search engine icons to read their names. When clicked, the search engine changes right within the same tab, so you don’t even have to open a new tab. All these are arranged in a very elegant way.


Click the black Settings button located to the left hand-side of the page to choose the search engine that will be loaded by default. The settings also allow you to choose the search engines you want to use, check all or selected ones depending on your preferences. Furthermore, you may enable or disable the favicons for your bookmarks from the options. Once done, click Save, and you’re good to go.


If you’re averse to trying new start up pages or changing the default look of the new tab page, you might still want to give this extension a try if you’ve got a lot of bookmark. The extension may be great to look at and it adds some extra buttons and functionality but the bookmarks layout is the real winner. If you’ve added a lot of folders within folders to the bookmarks bar, this extension will make it easy to browse through them. The only thing it doesn’t let you do is move a bookmark from one folder to the other. The layout does make the new tab page rather long but for the sake of seeing just how many bookmarks you’ve got in a single folder and being able to browse through them, the long page is worth it. It doesn’t interfere with any other functionality and the only change would be the option to switch to view recently closed pages, frequently visited pages, and applications in the same layout and choose which of the four will always open in a new tab.

Bookolio saves up time and lets you browse the web in a more organized and neat way. Visit the link below to grab the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Install Bookolio For Google Chrome

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