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CallingAmerica: Call Landline Or Mobile Number In USA Or Canada For Free

I recently came across an online service that lets you make calls to North America, i.e, USA and Canada for free. CallingAmerica is a  free web based service, that allows you to call your friends, family or co-workers for free. Seems unbelievable, right? The service is supported by ads, you just have to register and make unlimited number of calls. That’s it.


You can also make calls by not registering with them, but then there will be a 2 minutes call limit. By registering you get to call for up to 15 minutes, this limit has been applied to prevent fraudulent callers.

calling america screenshot

Just enter the complete phone number(with country and area code) and click Free Call now button. You will be shown an advertisement before the call begins, but after that there will be no ads.

Start calling your loved ones and wish them a Happy New Year. Enjoy!

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  • James

    i am james and will like to get a Usa number on my phone……the reason is that i was asked to do that at my working place cos of the people we transact business with……here is my phone number: +2348154648491..thanks for this

    • Syed Mohsin

      hi boy