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Check Website Exploits With Link Scanner Online

Cyber Criminals use different sorts of sites to attract visitors and then they inject the exploitation code in to the user’s computer and try to steal confidential data. It is always advisable to check the site that you are about to visit and confirm whether or not it is not harmful for your computer.

Link Scanner Online is an online service which is part of AVG LinkScanner, it checks the provided url and tells whether it is safe to visit the link or not. Simply enter the anti-bot code, specify the web address for which you wish to check and hit the Scan button.

Link ScanIt will inform you if it found any exploits or not.

LinkScanner Online

Ofcourse you wouldn’t visit this site to check every site all the time, sometimes the user needs to know immediately. This is where you can install AVG LinkScanner or simply use WOT add-on. This online service can be used to check the creditability of LinkScanner and to check if it detects the exploits correctly before giving AVG LinkScanner a shot.

Link Scanner Online



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