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ChimpFeedr – Mix your Favorite RSS Feeds Into One

Do you selectively follow RSS feeds for a particular site? Filter out the irrelevant ones by only adding the news feed that you find most interesting or relevant to your interests? If you do, it’s likely that you have multiple feeds from the same site added to your feed reader. ChimpFeedr is a web service that aggregates these feeds in to one and provides you a single feed link to add to your RSS reader.

Working with the AddictiveTips site as an example, if you wanted to follow the Windows and Internet articles, you can copy their RSS links to ChimpFeedr and click Add feed. Add as many feeds as you want and click Chomp Chomp to get the final link. Add the link to your RSS reader the same way you would any ordinary RSS link and enjoy different feeds in the same stream. (If for some reason, the service doesn’t work, bribe it with a banana. It’s flawless otherwise.)

Visit ChimpFeedr

[via Lifehacker]

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