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Chrome Notepad Syncs Notes Across Multiple Computers

Chrome Notepad is a brilliant notepad extension that supports native syncing across multiple Chrome browsers. It is yet another reason to migrate from Firefox to Google Chrome. The best part is that it does not use any 3rd party server/service to sync notes, but in fact, uses the build-in bookmark/preferences sync functionality to synchronize the notes across multiple Google Chrome installations.

This clever technique by developer George Papadakis has been explained here with sample code so that others can implement it as well in their extensions.

The syncing is switched on by default considering that you have already set up the Google Chrome Sync. Syncing takes place every 5+ minutes, according to the developer page.

Chome Notepad

The screenshot below has been taken from the extension page that shows the note synced across multiple computers.

chrome notepad sync

Not only will it sync notes but also last caret position and scroll offset. It is a brilliant add-in for quick note taking and syncing that more people need to give it a shot!

Chrome Notepad Extension

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