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Citelighter Helps You With Research & Automatically Creates A Citation Page For Your Report [Web]

Extensively researching a topic is not an easy job, as you have to go through many articles, journals and websites. As if that were not enough, you are also required to cite references at the end, which can be a real pain. This is where Citelighter comes in handy. This is a fully automated bibliography, citation, research, and text highlighting tool that organizes content quickly and intuitively. Not only does it automate the whole process of gathering information, but also automatically generates a citation page for you. All you have to do is highlight text on a web page and click the Capture button in the toolbar or on the page to save it to your project. When you’ve collected all your information for a particular project, you can then view all your highlights on your personal account (signup is via Facebook), reorder them and add comments to create an outline.

To get started, connect to Citelighter with Facebook and download the Firefox or Chrome extension, which shows up as a toolbar after you restart the browser. Once the toolbar has been installed, you can create a project by adding a Project Name and a Due date.

project name

Next, whenever you find relevant information for your research paper, highlight text and click Capture. A small sub-toolbar will then drop down, giving you an option to edit the captured text or add extra comments. You can also click the Export button to send your citation to an MS Word document, Google Docs, email, or printer; however, during our testing, this feature wasn’t functional just yet. According to the service, it will be added soon.


Once you’ve collected bits and pieces of information from across the web, click View from the toolbar and scroll down to see all the Bibliographic information neatly recorded in order. Moreover, Citelighter allows you to customize Bibliographies according to the three citation styles used for publications; APA, MLA, and Chicago. You can click the pen icon to edit individual bibliographies and view deleted citations by clicking the Trash option. You may also drag & drop items to change their order and add comments to each citation.

citation and bibliogrpahy

Citelighter has an easy-to-use extension for both Chrome and Firefox. It is the perfect tool for carrying out research, and can come in handy for both students and professionals alike. It is an excellent tool if you find it difficult to manage references you need to cite for your work although the online references you cite should be double checked just to be safe.

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