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Clean Google+ Stream & Make Comment Threads Easier To Read [Chrome]

Google Plus users aren’t the only thing growing fast; services and extensions keep on coming too. Enhancements For Google+ is a Chrome extension that was created to reduce the noise in your stream or, put differently, it removes some of the less useful features and makes it easier to read your updates. It makes it easier to see which thread has been selected by making the vertical blue line next to it thicker, it also makes it easier to identify comments on a post by adding a slightly grey backdrop to them. The extension removes profile pictures from comments and leaves only the name of whoever posted a comment.

Enhancements for Google

The extension adds enhancements to threads and comments and makes them easier to read. Without the extension, comments in a thread appear indented from the original post with the same white background making it somewhat difficult to distinguish between different comments and new threads. The extension removes the indent from the comments and brings them in line with the original post, it also makes it easier to distinguish which thread has been selected by making the vertical blue bar next to a selected thread thicker and easier to spot compared to the usual thin and hardly noticeable one. The profile picture of a user is removed from comments leaving behind only the name.

The developer cites that the extension may not cater to everyone’s preferences but making a selected thread a bit easier to identify is definitely a big plus.

Install Enhancements for Google+ Extension For Chrome

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