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Click Markers To Scroll To Different Sections Of A Website [Firefox]

Online content doesn’t follow a uniform pattern; some websites choose to distribute a single article across several pages, others prefer to create slide shows of the information while still others will forgo so much as adding subtopics and headings. This makes it fairly difficult to scan a long document for the information you’re looking for when you don’t want to read the whole thing. Wikipedia handles this problem exceptionally well by providing a list of links to topics covered in an article. Unfortunately, not all sites have the forsight to simplify reading content like this and you will often find you’ve read a pointless 500 word intro trying to find the information you were originally looking for. This is where Content Scrollbar comes in handy. This Firefox add-on generates clickable markers for all headings of a page and places them proportionally on the scrollbar, so you can directly navigate to the different sections of an article that you are reading. The slight catch with the add-on is that it only works with linked headings and if the article only contains the HTML Heading tags, it will not work.

 Once installed, the add-on will automatically scan websites, and clickable markers will be added to the pages as soon as they load. The markers appear on the scroll bar and you can simply click any of them to jump to the link. The page will smoothly scroll to the corresponding section. You will only be taken to that particular link, it will not be clicked.

scrollbar contents

If you’re on let’s say, the AddictiveTips home page, you will see links to all articles on the front page appear on the scroll bar. Click a link and the page will scroll down to the post title you clicked on. You will not be taken to the post itself. The shortcoming of the add-on lies in the fact that it does not detect the heading tags on a page which would have made it usable on a larger number of websites. Since the add-on reads links, you will also see links that are not related to a part of the article like the comments section, the website’s Facebook page or even the Top link that many websites have at the bottom of webpages for quickly scrolling to the top.

Content Scrollbar is a lightweight add-on that comes in handy when we have to navigate through lengthy article and websites. The add-on works perfectly for webpages that have a long scroll length, and can be installed from the link below.

Install Content Scrollbar Add-On For Firefox

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