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Close Tabs By Category From Chrome Context Menu

A while back we reviewed Close Other Tabs From The Same Site which is a Chrome extension that allows closing all tabs from the same website at once. Recently we found Close Tabs, which is a more advanced Chrome extension, that adds numerous extra options for closing tabs in the right-click context menu. These include, closing the tabs to the right of current tab, closing all tabs except current tab, closing current tab only, closing all tabs from the current domain (website), closing tabs from all domains (websites) except the current one, closing the current window and disabling context menu feature (from Options).

Close Tabs

To close tabs, select an option from the right click context menu. Other than multiple tab closing choices, there is also an Options feature in the context menu, which can be used to disable the Close Tabs context menu. In other words, the Options feature can be used to disable the Close Tabs feature in Chromes context menu which is equivalent to disabling the extension. This feature can be enabled by going to Tools –> Extensions –> Options (Close Tabs options).

Close Tabs Extension for Chrome

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